Collydean Baptist Church is a growing community of Christians based mainly in the North of the town of Glenrothes. The church is down to earth and informal, reflecting its context.

Our building is in the middle of the Collydean housing scheme

Church vision

Sharing God’s life-transforming love’

We dream of sharing God’s life-transforming love with all around us. We aspire to be a hospitable, generous, and overflowing multigenerational church of Jesus’ disciples growing together to impact the people of Collydean and North Glenrothes with the gospel and love of God, making a tangible difference in the lives of those suffering spiritual, relational and material poverty.’

Through this vision we dream to fulfill Jesus’ desire that we love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves. Our calling is to do that here in Collydean and North Glenrothes, as well as among the people we each work and share life with. 

We meet for worship every Sunday, and support one another in our faith through life groups that meet throughout the week.

Church services are informal and welcoming and geared to all-age worship. We enjoy tea and coffee from 10:45 to begin our Sunday gathering, then share in music, prayer and reflecting on the Bible.

Roughly every third Sunday of the month we share in ‘breakfast with Jesus’ sitting around tables and sharing in breakfast rolls

Breakfast with Jesus

We run many different community events, as you can see in our pictures library. 

If you have no Church connection or are curious about the  Faith we would love to see you come along.

The church is a part of the Baptist Union of Scotland:

Core aims- what we are trying to achieve

Growing in Christian faith, character and commitment.

As a people we are committed to growing in a living, loving relationship with God, reading and understanding scripture, and putting into practice Jesus teachings here in North Glenrothes. This involves exploring what this means for us both as individuals and as a group. We recognise that genuine relationship with God, as well as personal and community transformation, comes through the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s gift to the outreaching church. We each commit to seeing the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, repenting of destructive behaviours and looking to God’s Spirit for strength to change. When each one of us looks to imitate Christ and opens our hearts to God’s Spirit, our church family will flourish. We can engage with God through church activities but each of us is also called to take personal responsibility for our own daily walk with God. All other church activities emerge from this relationship and transformation.

Studying the Bible (with dessert!)

Equipping and Multiplying disciples

Disciples are those who have come into a living relationship with Jesus through his Spirit and are committed to following him in every area of life, for life. As a people we are committed to introduce others to Jesus, and to seeing each other grow in our Christian walk and relationship with God. We are called to support and encourage one another as we follow Christ. Sunday services play an important role in learning and worshiping together, but life groups are also a vital part of growing together, and we would encourage all members wherever possible to commit to the mutual encouragement and accountability that these groups bring. Discipleship is helped by periodic training courses, and mentoring but also through sharing life together and pursuing various ministries. We are committed not only to serve in love, but also to developing others through giving them opportunities, encouraging and mentoring them to grow in different strengths and talents. We will look to develop and empower teams of people who can serve in every capacity of church life, and ultimately that will enable us to also eventually send out teams of people with the giftings developed to plant other churches. Each person is called not only to be a disciple but also to invest in helping other believers grow as disciples.

Witnessing by sharing the gospel and christian love in action.

We long to see the people of Collydean and North Glenrothes come into a living relationship with Jesus. Evangelism and introducing others to Christ are therefore central to our DNA, and we will look to do that in our personal lives and as a church family. We will look to do this with an eye on the context God has placed us in, in particular looking to develop a multigenerational witness, reaching the children and families of Collydean, as well as the many isolated and vulnerable people of the area. Pursuing issues of biblical justice and care for the suffering and poor are core to our witness, as we point people to the ultimate transformation to come at the resurrection. The church is committed to exploring ways of making a material difference in people’s lives.

A beautiful winter’s day

Planting Churches

We are called by Jesus to make disciples of all nations. This starts with those around us and works it’s way out to the nations. We will look to spread the gospel beyond our immediate neighborhood/ community by building the giftings, human and financial resources to church plant and support new christian communities.

Values we hold dear

The following values  are central to the church vision.

Generosity (2Cor 9:11f): The good news of Jesus is built on God’s grace, or generous gift to us in providing salvation for us through his Son. We are called to likewise be generous in love, grace, compassion, forgiveness, time and resources. Generous to those beginning the walk of faith, and generous in restoring those who stumble. Generous in supporting our team members and generous in our outreach.

Hospitality (Romans 12:13): Providing for others and eating with one another was central to Jesus’ ministry and to the early church, and remains a key part of our christian family in Collydean. We are commited be a welcoming, open hearted people, showing love and hospitality to all, yet uncompromising in pointing people to the way of Jesus.

Women’s art night

Overflowing (2 cor 8:2): The Bible talks of God ‘pouring out’ his grace and love on us (1 Tim 1:14). So we are to be overflowing in our love for one another. By this will all men know we are Jesus’ disciples. Similarly we can only be fruitful and overflowing with love if we allow the Spirit to overflow within us. As we grow as a church we plan to be overflowing in blessing others and supporting christian mission and church planting.

Multigenerational (Ephesians 3:21): We are called to reach the people of Collydean and North Glenrothes. All sorts of people live in our area, but notably there are a significant number of children and families, as well as many isolated and vulnerable people who we would love to share the love of God with. God values all ages, and longs for them to be saved, and so will we.

Discipleship (Matthew 28:19-20): Being a disciple means coming into a lifelong obedient relationship to the living Christ, along with other christians. As followers of Jesus we learn from his teachings through the scriptures and support and encourage one another to grow, empowered by his Spirit. Each of us is called to become a disciple, but also to invest in making other disciples. We are also called to humility and teachability, acknowledging that each of us has the need to grow and learn. 

Collydean sits below the two Lomond hills

Sharing the gospel and God’s love (2 cor 5:14): God’s love for all is our driving force as a church. God’s love and holiness/purity are inseparable, two sides of the same coin. Jesus died on the cross in our place to cleanse us from sin and darkness and calls us to repent or turn from destructive behaviour to be a part of his resurrection community of light and to love his way. That means living life with his values, morals and heart of compassion and mercy, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Ministry to the poor (Gal 2:10): In his self description in Luke 4 Jesus described his ministry in the Spirit as ‘to the poor’. We are committed to reaching out to those that suffer poverty in its different forms; spiritually, relationally and materially. 

Spirit-filled: A Christian is essentially a Holy-Spirit person (John 3:5), walking in a living relationship with Jesus. We are committed as a community to opening our hearts to God by his Spirit as he develops his fruit (Galatians 5) and giftings in our midst.

Praying for Christ’s light to spread in North Glenrothes